We first began hearing this term as a bad thing in life, being told “do not push.” Yesterday, my 2-year-old came to tattle on her older sister claiming she pushed her. My 11-year-old simply laughed because she never even pushed her, and her sister obviously did not understand what the word “push” really meant.

As I grew older, I heard this term as an acronym “Pray Until Something Happens.” It has always been one of my favorites. I read a quote that said, “One little prayer can change a huge situation,” and then I am reminded of 1 Thessalonians 5:17 that encourages us to pray continuously. I could not agree more with this statement. Yet, what if we are called to PUSH in life and P.U.S.H. in life? Let me better explain what I mean.

I said something to a friend yesterday that kept ringing in my head. In a moment I texted, “I am pushing my way to breakthrough,” but only in a joking way. It hit me shortly after texting that I should truly be doing that. Why do I often take defeat and accept it rather than FIGHT for victory?  Marissa Meyer said it this way, “I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that is how you GROW. When there is that moment of ‘Wow I’m not really sure I can do this,’ and you PUSH through those moments, that is when you have a BREAKTHROUGH. I believe that many times in life it is our actions that show what is a true priority. We are by all means called to PRAY at all times just as I first talked about, but I also believe we are called to, as my dad would often say, “put my feet where my mouth is.” So often I can be praying for things, yet never willing to act in the same direction as my mouth is praying. It is like saying when I get sick that I want to get better, but only going to the doctor’s office and sitting in the waiting room and never going in. Please do not misunderstand me, God has called us to pray because there is so much more, He can do more with our prayers than we could ever get done. Yet, I also believe there is some action He has called us to take.

Maybe after reading this you realize there is something you need to take action on today or maybe you were reminded to start praying again. We have all been that person at one time being shoved as someone pushes their way to the front of the line or the person feeling like a “broken record” praying for something faithfully.  No matter which one it may be, even if it is both, I believe It is time we PUSH our way to BREAKTHROUGH! I want to encourage you, do not let defeat get the last word. Stand up and PUSH your way to BREAKTHROUGH!
Amanda  Miller

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