What is Next Steps?
Next Steps is designed as an opportunity for you to learn about our vision and mission, government structure, financial stewardship, and leadership. It’s also a great way for you to discover your personality type, spiritual giftings, and all of our opportunities to serve on a team at Impact.
How do I complete Next Steps?
Next Steps consists of a five simple steps all designed for you to be informed about Impact and your own giftings and connected on a team and in community.
Step One: Watch the Next Steps video below to discover our vision, how we’re structured, and why we do what we do.
Step Two: Use the link below to take an Enneagram assessment to discover your personality type and print out these results.
Step Three: Use the link below to take a Spiritual Gifts assessment to discover some of your giftings and print out these results.
Step Four: Use the link below to see all of our Serve Team opportunities and select the top three areas where you would be interested in serving.
Step Five: Bring all of your results and any questions you may have to the upcoming Pizza With Pastor event where you’ll meet key leaders and be able to get connected on a team, get answers to your questions, and find community.
Pizza With Pastor: TBD