January 2018

That One Thing

To experience the overflow that God wants to pour out on us we have to shift our focus from everything we could be doing to THAT ONE THING we should be doing.

Receiving What’s Yours

In 2018 I am going to OVERFLOW. In this week's message we learn 3 key things we need to receive what God desires to give us.

December 2017

The Power of Pause

Do you feel like you can't hear God or sense that He's near? Change of pace + Change of place = Change of perspective. In this message you'll discover the power of pause.

The Decision Is Yours

We all come from somewhere and have a past, and there is a decision we have to make...Relive or Respond...The decision is yours.

That’s A Wrap

In this week's message we discover that sometimes there are some things in our lives that we need to unwrap ourselves from so we can see the blessing of God and enjoy what matters most.

Uncomplicating Christmas

Have you ever felt like the Christmas season was so complicated? In this week's message we discover how we can uncomplicate Christmas and truly enjoy the holiday season.

November 2017

The Pressure To Please

Have you ever felt the pressure to please everyone in your life? In this message we discover why our focus can't always be on everyone else's opinion of us.

Renovation In Progress

 Discipline is meant to be evidence of love in our lives and there are 3 types of discipline we should all embrace.

The Bigger Picture

Long-term vision enables us to endure short-term circumstances. In this message we discover how Jesus modeled this for us.

Make The Shift

If we're going to move forward in the things God has for us, there is a shift each of us needs to make.